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Don’s Books

Don has authored 50 non-fiction books.  You can take a look at some of the on

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Don’s Music

Since 1958 Don has been creating music. By the time he graduated from High School in 1967, Don had composed more than 100 songs. In addition, he had recorded his first album of original music.

Here is a song Don wrote and recorded. In a short few weeks his Youtube video had more than a half million views.

You can CLICK HERE to check it out. ”The Greatest Story Never Told”

Don’s Writer’s Camp

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Inspirational and Motivational Writing

Here’s a group for those whom want to enjoy the prestige and recognition of being a published writer and author. This course will teach how to write with power and precision—even if they are weak in grammar and/or spelling.

Don Loyd’s

“Simple Strategies for Personal Growth”

If you would like to see Don’s Blog on Personal Development, be sure to GO HERE.

Do you realize that the way you think about an event or circumstance before it happens can actually influence the outcome? If you are like most folk, you really haven’t given much thought to this question.

What They Say About Don

Read what others have said about Don!

“You are the man, Don.Congratulations!”

Bill Bronchick,Attorney and Writer

 “Don, thank you so much for everything. You are an incredible leader and peacemaker. I admire the talents God has given you. You are still and always will be my Hero!”

Sharon D.

“Don, I congratulate you again! You are a true professional. Enjoy the success!” Dr. Donald Moine, Author

“Don Loyd is particularly savvy at creating wealth through new construction, financing, negotiating, lease-options, marketing, and just plain thinking out of the box.I have personally done business with him and I have found him true to his word. He is a real Real Estate Guru. He is an undiscovered Peter Conte and DavidFinkle.”

 Dr. Erik Z.

“…Don - Your expertise and creativity is by far the best I have experienced. You helped make me $50,000 on my very first deal and I didn’t have to use much of my own money. I can only visualize how many people’s lives you have touched. You have changed my life sooo much and have touched my heart with your generosity and kindness that it bring tears to my eyes. I will never be able to tell you enough how much you have helped me, supported me, and helped me grow into an independent thinker and someone who takes action. I have no more FEAR about being able to accomplish anything I want. I hope I can give back as much to others that you have given to me.”

Diana L

“Don, thank you so much for your help! Your commitment to give back to the community is real. Usually investor websites are designed solely to sell their products. You have proved that theory wrong by sharing so much of the info you have, Thanks, again. You have restored my faith in mankind.”

Darin N.

 “Don’s understanding and knowledge of real estate is huge. He has helped me to understand complex principles in investing and turn that understanding into significant gains. My first deal with Don netted me $60,000. Don has not only been helpful, he has helped me find creative solutions to difficult situations. He wants others to be successful and is willing to share his wisdom. Of all the Real Estate Gurus, Don is the most approachable. He has always been there for me when I have a question and he has never let me down.”


“Don has been instrumental in my success as a new private real estate investor, without him. I Would still be spinning my wheels wondering where to begin. He has helped me far more than I had ever expected and is very knowledgeable in the field. He even made it possible for me to do my first deal without spending any of my own money, and I expect to make about $30,000 specifically because of him. Don is genuine, generous, and fair. I have known him for more than 15 years and have seen nothing but great things out of him. Thanks Don.”

Ken F.

“I heartily recommend Don Loyd. I have found him to be honest, sincere and overflowing with ideas about sound, safe real estate investments. Don has helped me realize my potential. Don’s mentorship and coaching has changed my life. I will never be the same. Thank you, Don.”

Marcy E.

“Don, I appreciate so greatly the fact that you are part of my life. You have helped me to walk further out onto more branches again. I used to be like that - then I got married and had kids and took the safer way. Safe = Poor! I walked through my house on Lot 5 yesterday and I was overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude. I thought of you, and that this would never have happened if it weren’t for you. I thank God also that you have truly found your own, creative, innovative niche and gathered your family around you to come along for the ride!”

Tammy R.

 “Don, thank you so much for the kind words you said at last Friday’s meeting. It seems like no matter what the topic of the meeting is, I always leave each Friday feeling so motivated and in such a great mood. Thank you for bringing us all together and being so inspirational!”

 Shanna S.

“Don has extensive experience in developing wealth through real estate investing. His knowledge covers the gambit from prospecting through the exit strategy.”

Jim B.

“With over 35 years in the real estate business in Oregon, Don has a perspective few people have achieved. When it comes to real estate knowledge - Don is ‘The King‘. I have found him to be upfront and always honest. I’m applying Don’s techniques because he focuses on creating wealth going into a deal not sometime down the road.”

John M.

“As a mentor Don is creative and never runs out of ways to do things. He is full of ideas. My husband and I have done business with him and his companies and have found him to be true to his word. I can also recommend Don because he knows real estate and enjoys sharing what he knows. Of all the Real Estate Gurus, Don is ‘Number1’ in my book.”

Amie S.

“I have found Don Loyd to be honest, available and always straight forward.”

Phil J.

“Don Loyd’s knowledge of real estate investing is very thorough and every aspect imaginable. I can recommend him because I trust his ethics.”

Gaila N.

“Don has many years of all aspects of real estate. On a scale of 1-10, I would rank him a 9.5 when it comes to real estate knowledge. I have done business with Don and I have found him to be fair, honest and trustworthy. I trust him. On my first deal with him I made about $100,000.”

Dennis M.

“Don has creative strategies that work to create wealth in real estate investing. Don’s personal service is great. He’s easy to contact and he’s always willing to help.”

Justin P.

“Don is very versatile with his investment projects and is a savvy as they get.”

Bob M.

“Don Loyd sees the big picture and freely shares his wealth creating ideas. He’s a great negotiator, and he’s honest and fair. I can recommend Don Loyd because he believes in what he does and has very sound principles of making money in real estate.”

Joanie K.

“Don Loyd practices and preaches the importance of knowing how much wealth will be created, how much money out of pocket you will spend, when you get that money back, and if the property has a positive cash flow all before you sign up for the transaction. He’s very informative and he lives and breathes real estate investing. If I can say one thing about Don Loyd, its: He doesn’t live within the confines of a box.”

Heather M.

I have known Don Loyd about 20 years and have read much of his writings in the past.  He has a lifetime of experience in real estate and business, and his opinions and viewpoints I value very much.  His new book Generational Wealth in Foreclosures is a great book and a wonderful addition to any investor’s library.  It is full of tips and information that will be of great benefit for those that apply his principles.  I would encourage everyone to get this book.  You will soon begin to reap the reward if you are willing to do what it takes. Don is a great mentor and I know you will be very happywith his work and his support.

Bruce K.

"Don Loyd isn't just a Real Estate Mentor and Coach; he's a wizard in the world of property investment, a guy who can illuminate even the murkiest waters of the real estate world. It's not hyperbole to claim that he changed my life. When I ventured into my first real estate transaction, I was—let's face it—clueless. Fraught with nervous energy and hampered by my lack of experience, I was on a precipice, teetering between significant financial gain and ruinous loss.

"Enter Don. With the finesse of a seasoned pro and the empathic patience of a lifelong teacher, he steered me through the complicated processes: from identifying under valued assets to decoding the enigma of mortgage rates, and finally to a negotiation strategy tantamount to a chess grand master's endgame. The result? A staggering net profit of nearly $150,000. Yes, you read that right.”

Beverly G.

DonLoyd is the Best! He doesn't simply offer coaching; he provides a comprehensive education blended with a finely-tuned strategy. He listens—truly listens—to your goals, your fears, and your aspirations. And then he tailors a custom approach designed for you, but with his unmistakable stamp of expertise.

Brad J.

Whether you're a neophyte dipping your toes into the intimidating pool o real estate, or a seasoned investor seeking to up your game, I urge you—no, I implore you—to seek out Don Loyd. In a field filled with pretenders, he's the real deal, a bona fide oracle with the stats and satisfied clients to prove it. Failing to consult him is akin to leaving money on the table, a blunder you'd be wise to avoid.

Robert A.

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